PT Gazell
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PT Gazell

Hot, swingin, smooth, original, clean, lyrical, faster than a speeding bullet, diatonically chromatic, one of a kind, masterful, the swingingest, Oh yeah, like what? Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman, Louie Jordan, Ben Webster, Sweets Edison, Tiny Moore, Wes Montgomery...that's what!

With 5 Solo CDs under his belt, including his double Grammy nominated 2011 release, “2 Days Out,” PT Gazell continues to expand the musical boundaries for the harmonica. Using his own signature model instrument, the Gazell Method diatonic manufactured by C.A. Seydel Sohne, he proves that the harmonica is capable of much more than what most of us believe.

No other player combines his phrasing, his melodic style, his song choices and his improvisational abilities…  his singular style may draw comparisons to others, but in the end, it’s a style all his own.

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"2 Days Out"

"2 Days Out," marks yet another milestone in harmonica maestro PT Gazell's musical journey. Perhaps the most musically daring of all his recordings, “2 Days Out” explores dynamic sonic combinations that are superbly refreshing, spirited and profound.  PT’s half-valved diatonic harmonicas are paired with a couple of heavyweights from the brass section - trombone and flugelhorn.  PT’s impeccable phrasing and undeniable expressive shadings blend seamlessly with these horns to create something extraordinary and distinct.  On songs as varied as the swing standard, “The Best Things In Life Are Free” to Lennon and McCartney’s, “Fixing A Hole”, PT Gazell and this extraordinary lineup of veteran musicians, deliver new takes that are superb and sublime. “2 Days Out” swings and delivers in ways new and old with results that re-establish PT Gazell as one of the finest and most  unique players in a generation.

Now for the first time you can also get the "Backing Tracks" from this CD so you can play along. It's the same music minus PT's harmonica. Order both and save.

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